Now What? Strategies

FAME is… what you want it to be

    Is It Time To Chart A New Course?

What do we do when…

…We’ve made a Name for ourselves and Plan A veers off course?

How does our FAME allow us to keep the best and change the rest?

I’m Abby Hagyard
I’ve been in the FAME business for years.
I’ve hit walls – wait till I tell you about the walls! – and bounced back.
And now… I’m talking about it.

Why do you care? What’s in it for you?
FAME is something we wonder about…
Making a Name – one way or another – is the one thing we all hope to do.

Giving ourselves – and our kids! – permission to be all that we can be…
Is how we make our dreams come true.

This is the life I talk about when I speak. Are you in?

Let’s DO this!